Gallery Share each image independently

Separately share each Image on your website! Individually. Independently. If you decide to use the plugin please help us improve our rating by giving it a 5 star rating.

Bring the power of Facebook Photo comments to your website. With Gallery Share Plugin your visitors can even tag their Facebook friends to let them know they are mentioned in a comment on a photo on your website! This is seamlessly integrated by the plugin’s Facebook-Style appearance. Engage your visitors and get more Likes, Shares and Comments!

The Gallery Share plugin makes photo sharing and commenting as easy as in Facebook. It has a super-familiar-Facebook-style appearance that will make your visitors think they are on Facebook. They will be able to share and comment on each individual image on your blog. The Plugin creates unique URLs for all images, making them super-easy to be shared. Now you can social share each image independently, in addition to sharing the entire article. A must-have for photographers and photo-Like-contest creators.

  • ‘Like’ and comment on each individual photo/image
  • Your viewers can now Tag their Facebook friends on photos on your website
  • Unique URL for each image for easy sharing
  • Delete or re-arrange the photos, the unique URL remains the same
  • Facebook-familiar Lightbox display of gallery/images
  • Facebook-style image display and navigation
  • Easy configuration (works out-of-the-box on common setups) with instructions
  • Works with NextGEN galleries
  • Multiple browser support

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